1. What does DiscToDigital do?

DiscToDigital converts your CDs and LPs into a digital music library. We'll arrange for a courier to bring your collection to us and we send you back a digital music library that's playable on all digital audio devices and software players, and organised by artist, album and genre or whatever other classification you prefer. 

2. What is a digital music library?

It is a digital version of your CD collection stored on either an MP3 player (for example, an iPod), DVD-Rs, an external USB hard drive or a home media server. Each library is organised alphabetically by artist, album and song, using industry standard metadata so you can easily find what you are looking for.

3. What does the service cost? 

Our conversion service costs vary depending on the number of CDs we convert. But we believe we offer the best value for money you'll find: the first 300 CDs we convert for you cost 75p each, all subsequent CDs cost 70p each.  LPs cost more to convert as the time involved is much greater - let us know your LP conversion requirements and we can provide an agreeable quote.

4. Can I share my digital music files?

No - that's against copyright law.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your music stays in your possession.

5. How long will it take DiscToDigital to process my order? 

This will depend on the number of CDs or LPs you would like us to convert, but our normal conversion time is under four days plus shipping time. When we receive your order we will contact you with an estimated completion time. We can rush jobs in special circumstances for a premium payment.

6. Some of my CDs are scratched. Can you still convert them?

DiscToDigital will make every effort to convert scratched, or damaged CDs and in many cases we are able to successfully convert them. It helps if you clean your CDs before shipping them to us. Obviously there are cases when we are unable to work with very badly damaged CDs.  If we are unable to convert a CD even after cleaning, we won't charge you for it.

7. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, our minimum conversion order is 40 CDs.

8. How do I send my CDs to DiscToDigital? 

If you live within 30 miles of Winchester, we can collect and return your CDs ourselves, free of charge. For other Hampshire postcodes, we can arrange direct pick ups for a small fee (contact us for details). If you are further afield, we will send you a shipping kit which includes a CD spindle and packaging. When you have packed your CDs, call us and we will arrange courier collection.  

9. Are my CDs insured in transit?

Absolutely. DiscToDigital uses courier insurance for all shipments and insures each CD for a maximum replacement value of £7.50. 

10. Do you keep a copy of my music files?

No - we cannot act illegally.  All copies are written directly to DVD-Rs, external USB hard drives, MP3 players or home media servers if ordered, no copies are held or retained by us. You hold the only copy of your collection.  We can help you to set up a secure digital backup or vault for your library - just ask and we'll happily help.

Still have a query or want more detail? Contact us for a personal response.