DiscToDigital is a CD ripping service based in Winchester, Hampshire, run by music enthusiasts who carefully convert your CD collection into a fully indexed digital library. We provide a high quality service carrying out conversions to your specification and advising on the best file conversion formats, indexing and storage for your needs.

Many of us have accumulated large CD collections and now have made the switch to digital music, investing in portable MP3 players and home media servers. Instead of paying to download albums already owned on CD, DiscToDigital can convert your CDs to very high quality lossless formats for playback on home hi-fi systems or iPods and other portable devices.

DiscToDigital offer a complete conversion service - your CDs are collected or sent to us by properly insured couriers, checked, converted, re-checked and then delivered back to you along with your music digitised and indexed by album title, artist or genre. Your files can be loaded onto DVD-Rs, a network ready USB hard drive, a home media server, your MP3 player or any combination of devices. We'll even load these devices for you if you wish.  Your CDs can be converted to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC format and we can convert your collection to a second format for no extra charge.

Our ripping service uses the AccurateRip secure ripping process to ensure that the resulting files are of the best possible quality. We also use high end CD drives, not the cheap drives built into most PCs and laptops and pride ourselves in the standard and quality of indexing metadata provided with your files. We use combined results from four metadata providers to analyse each ripped disc which greatly reduces any scope for errors and include high resolution album art wherever available.

Our conversion rates are very reasonable: we charge 75p per CD for the first 300 CDs, and 70p for each subsequent CD.  A wide range of file formats are available from MP3 (variable or constant bit rate - you choose) to high resolution lossless formats such as FLAC.

Vinyl LPs and 45s can also be digitised to your specification however this service costs more as it involves significantly more time than CD conversion.

Any questions?  Contact us on enquiries@disctodigital.com or ring 07753 628832 to discuss.